Manage EVs in real-time with Your fleet electrification partner

From adoption to operation, Geoloc is your partner for your entire electric fleet journey. Understand the benefits of fleet electrification, how to start adding EVs to your fleet and learn more about how to effectively manage their operation.

Partner for electrifying your fleet.

Get support for the most EVs

Get support for the most EVs

Effortlessly integrate top-performing electric vehicles into your fleet with our robust EV support. Access comprehensive, rich data for over 300 EV models, ensuring informed decision-making and seamless adoption.

Go electric with confidence

Transition to electric vehicles confidently by identifying fleet vehicles suitable for replacement with EVs based on their functions and range requirements.

EV fleet optimization

Enhance electric fleet operations through continuous monitoring and optimization, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance from your EVs.

Charging integrations

Delve into comprehensive charging insights through seamless partner integrations, unlocking valuable data to optimize your charging infrastructure.

Optimize electric fleet operations
  • Manage EVs in real-time
  • Map future charging needs
  • Know real-time charging status
  • Ensure EVs are paying off
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