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The World’s Most Intelligent Driver Monitoring Technology. We develop technology that identifies and interprets human driving behavior to save lives and improve driver performance.

AI Cam in Action

A Dash Cam With a Mind of its Own

Facial Recogniton

Facial Recognition represents the pinnacle of human identification, and idrive’s engineers have crafted an exceptionally precise system seamlessly integrated into the AI Cam. It operates automatically, with high accuracy and reliability, necessitating no cooperation from the driver. It discerns the driver's identity and links them to all activities and data throughout their shift.

Safe Distance Warning

A passenger vehicle cruising at 65 miles per hour would require approximately 316 feet to come to a complete stop, roughly equivalent to the length of a football field. However, for vehicles weighing 80,000 pounds, this stopping distance nearly doubles. Maintaining a safe distance not only enhances fuel efficiency but also safeguards against unforeseen collisions. When drivers breach the Safe Distance Warning (SDW), an event is logged for subsequent review, facilitating driver training aimed at expanding their buffer of preceding seconds. SDW relies on advanced artificial intelligence, capable of detecting factors such as distance, vehicle proximity, direction, and other obstacles ahead, promptly alerting drivers to adjust their speed accordingly.

Drowsy Driving

Drowsiness while driving impacts everyone, but it particularly affects those whose livelihoods depend on driving. The AI Cam diligently watches for signs of drowsiness and can promptly notify the driver with a loud beeping sound.

Distracted Driving

The likelihood of an accident significantly rises when the driver is not focused on the road. Distracted driving detection actively monitors the driver for distractions and is capable of initiating events and in-cab alerts as needed.

Cloud-Based Fleet
Management Platform

Our automated reports and analysis solution harnesses the power of cloud-based technology to streamline data collection and processing.


Using cutting-edge AI technology, our driver monitoring system offers real-time assessment of driver behavior, enhancing safety and optimizing fleet efficiency.

Cloud based fleet mangement

Our cloud-based fleet management system centralizes vehicle data, allowing for remote access and real-time monitoring of fleet activities from any location.


AI technology, driven by advanced algorithms and machine learning models, revolutionizing industries and enhancing productivity.

Technical Specifications
the best
  • HD video of driver and road
  • Infrared LED for low-light recording & night vision
  • 8 core processor with embedded AI for advanced computing
  • OLED Display for in-cab alerts
  • Wired Panic Button
  • Built in Bluetooth 4.2 + BLE for in-cab device and vehicle integrationsv
  • Wi-Fi and 4G LTE to upload event footage to the cloud
the best
  • Intelligent AI safety triggers and warning for real-time in-cab alerts
  • Distracted and Drowsy driver detection to prevent accidents
  • Facial Recognition automatically identifies drivers for accurate data and reports
  • OLED Display for in-cab alerts
  • Accident detection detects potential accidents and sends an alert to fleet manager
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