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Connected dash cams utilize cellular connectivity to send video, GPS, and underlying telematics data to an online platform. This allows you to manage your fleet and respond quickly to any incidents.

Features & Benefits
GPS Tracking

SureCam’s fleet dash cams are enabled with GPS tracking, allowing you to see where your vehicles are at all times.

Instant Alerts

SureCam’s fleet camera systems leverage a wide variety of real-time data points, allowing you to be alerted about the safety, management, and maintenance events that matter most to you.

Cloud Connectivity

SureCam’s fleet dash cams are connected to the cloud via cellular network, allowing you to remotely access incident video, historic video of interest, and live video from any computer or mobile device.

Speeding Data

SureCam’s fleet dash cams with speeding alerts allow you to monitor and enforce excessive speeding policies.

Live Streaming

SureCam offers optional live-streaming dash cam functionality, allowing you to see video from your dash cams in real-time.

Automated Driver ID

Automate driver assignments to trip level data to ensure the seamless and the granular tracking of driver performance across vehicles and trips.

Trip History

SureCam’s fleet dash cams capture and record a vehicle’s complete trip history, giving you the full story of where your vehicles have been throughout the day.

Geotab Compatible

SureCam’s Geotab-compatible dash cams allow you to view event-triggered and Geotab rule-triggered videos directly within the Geotab platform.

Safety Scores

SureCam’s fleet dash cams record telematics data to provide you with safety scores to help you quickly determine which workers are your safest drivers and which ones could benefit from coaching.

Businesses with fleet camera systems operate safer fleets

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Fleet Camera System Options

Configurations to meet your fleet management needs

Road-facing Only Dash Cams

Customers typically witness a remarkable 54% reduction in incidents and a 62% decrease in claims costs, demonstrating the effectiveness of our solutions. We prioritize driver privacy by employing a road-facing-only dash cam. Additionally, our system provides instant notifications and access to high-definition video footage when incidents occur, ensuring swift response and resolution. Furthermore, our GPS-enabled technology offers real-time location tracking, enhancing overall safety and efficiency on the road.

Road-facing + In-cab Dash Cams

Capture comprehensive context both inside and outside the vehicle with our dual-camera dash cam, offering front-facing road views and in-cab driver views. Receive instant notifications and gain access to high-definition video footage when incidents occur, ensuring prompt response and resolution. Our dual-camera dash cams are also GPS-enabled, providing real-time location tracking capabilities to enhance overall safety and efficiency on the road.

Road-facing + Side / Rear Dash Cams

Gain comprehensive insights into the activities surrounding your company vehicles with front and rear-facing dash cam views. Utilize the rear dash cam to monitor the cargo area or as a secondary rear road view. Receive instant notifications and access high-definition video footage promptly when incidents occur. Benefit from GPS-enabled technology for real-time location tracking. Schedule a demo to see our solutions in action.

Road-facing + Interior Rear Dash Cams

Our cutting-edge camera system offers both road-facing and interior rear dash cams, providing comprehensive surveillance and ensuring safety both inside and outside the vehicle.

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