Make Smart Air Quality Decisions

Intelligent, Cost-effective Ambient Air Quality Monitoring and Management Solution to Enable Real-time Environmental Decision Making for Climate Action

Low Profile Sensing
  • Stationary/Mobile
  • Node/Grid
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Flexible Powering and Data Transmission
Powerful Analysis suite
  • Personalized Insights
  • Decision Support
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Predictive Analysis
How We Deliver

Actionable Air Quality Insights at your Fingertips

No hassle Data Collection

"No hassle Data Collection" streamlines and simplifies the process of gathering and managing data, minimizing complexity and maximizing efficiency for users.

Accurate and Reliable data

Data accuracy and reliability are ingrained in our corporate ethos, ensured consistently through the integration of artificial intelligence, distinguishing our technology in the market.

AI based Calibration

Calibration driven by artificial intelligence ensures precise and efficient adjustment of equipment or systems, enhancing accuracy and minimizing manual intervention.

Scenario based Solutions

Solutions tailored to specific scenarios or situations, addressing unique challenges and optimizing outcomes through targeted approaches and strategic implementations.

Transform IoT Data Into Applications & Insights
  • Truly-Mobile
  • Hyperlocal Scale of Monitoring
  • Accurate and Reliable
  • Low cost, High Impact!
  • Backed by Science
  • Actionable Insights, All in One Place
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