Passenger capacity monitoring solution for buses, through RFID.

Streamline the stopping points and schedules for the transportation of personnel and school transportation, controlling the capacity, attendance and punctuality in each unit.

  • Administration
  • Identification
  • Ascent Georeference
  • Ascent Date and Time
  • On Board Capacity
  • Service Punctuality
  • Use of the Service
  • Assurance and Control of Attendance
  • Service Compliance
  • Service Level
  • Improvement Opportunities
  • Operational and Commercial Advantages
  • Digital Transformation
Boarding and
Descent Record

Monitoring the ascents and descents of passengers in each unit, with a detailed record of location and hours to supervise the proper use of the scheduled transportation service.

Control of Capacity
in the Unit

Accurate monitoring of the percentage of capacity and alerts for the control of the limit in each transport unit, with the objective of optimizing the operation and the trips, providing the best experience for the passengers.

Punctuality Supervision

Monitoring of attendance for the control of personnel in the industry and on-board monitoring of school transport for the peace of mind of parents, viewing the unit, route and arrival time in real time.


Gain comprehensive insight into bus whereabouts and projected arrival times, ensuring you're constantly kept informed.

Oversee and authenticate passenger usage of the service within the bus fleet operations to ensure proper utilization of the designated passenger transport service. This solution offers thorough passenger identification, thereby ensuring the appropriate use of bus transportation in alignment with the assigned service.

  • ID records log
  • Compatible with RFID readers most common on the market
  • Unique ID for each RFID card associated with a passenger
  • IOX protocol Ready-to-use design
  • Addin & mobile app management for Android and iOS
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