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Smart Commercial Building

A Smart Commercial Building, as facilitated by platforms integrates cutting-edge technology to optimize various aspects of building management and operations. Through advanced sensors, data analytics, and automation, these buildings can enhance energy efficiency, improve occupant comfort, streamline maintenance, and increase overall operational efficiency.

Smart Workplace

A Smart Workplace utilizes technology to optimize efficiency, enhance productivity, and improve employee experience through features like smart lighting, space utilization monitoring, and mobile access control. This approach fosters a flexible, connected environment that promotes employee well-being and organizational success.

Smart Plant Room

A Smart Plant Room employs advanced technology to optimize operations, monitor equipment performance, and enhance energy efficiency in industrial or commercial facilities. Through sensors, automation, and data analytics, it streamlines maintenance, reduces downtime, and ensures optimal functioning of critical systems.

Smart Energy

Smart Energy optimizes energy generation, distribution, and consumption through digital technologies and renewable resources, fostering efficiency, sustainability, and cost reduction.

Smart Construction Site

A Smart Construction Site employs advanced technology like IoT sensors, drones, and AI to enhance productivity, safety, and efficiency, streamlining workflows, reducing risks, and optimizing resource utilization for faster, more cost-effective project completion.

Smart Restroom

A Smart Restroom integrates IoT sensors and automation to monitor and manage cleanliness, occupancy, and resource usage, ensuring a hygienic, efficient, and user-friendly experience while optimizing maintenance and resource consumption.

The First Full-Stack Digital PlatformOptimized For Buildings
  • Universal Data Platform
  • End-To-End Augmented Digital Twins Engine
  • Fully Self-Service Building Performance Analytic
  • First App Store For Smart Building
Enable a fully open ecosystem for our built environment
  • Open Platform
  • Open Data
  • Open Application
  • Open Analytic
Transform IoT Data Into Applications & Insights
  • Space HVAC Optimization
  • Equipment Predictive
  • ESG Carbon
  • Wellness Comfort
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