Multi-Technology Asset Tracking Solutions

Build a smarter IoT asset tracking solution by leveraging our extensive portfolio of low-power GPS asset tracking devices, designed to track any asset, anywhere.

Solar Powered Magnetic GPS Tracker
Ultra-rugged GPS Tracker with 10 yrs+ Battery life
Connect More
of the Assets That Matter
Empowering a connected world through continuous innovation in IoT tracking, sensor monitoring, and telematics solutions.
Build a Smarter IoT
Asset Tracking Solution
We help businesses build, sell, and deploy smarter IoT asset tracking and sensor monitoring solutions.
Track Any Asset,
Gain visibility over your business-critical assets with the largest portfolio of IoT asset tracking hardware.
IoT Solutions for Every Application
IoT Asset

Build a better GPS Asset Tracking solution

Remote Sensor Monitoring

Build a smarter IoT sensor monitoring system

Indoor/Outdoor Asset Management

GPS asset tracking solution with Edge devices

Supply Chain Visibility

Integrate a tracking system to strengthen management

Fleet Management and Vehicles

Integration-ready and globally scalable GPS fleet tracking solutions for businesses


Track and manage equipment of all sizes

Bins and Containers

Implement GPS tracking for shipping containers


Track, manage, and recover with integration-ready, trailer trackers

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