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Introducing "Geoloc Star," a leading innovator in connected fleet and mobile asset management solutions. Our dedicated team is committed to tailoring cutting-edge hardware and software to meet the distinctive needs of our global clientele, fostering enduring partnerships.


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Analyze the environmental impact of your fleet and reduce it with Geoloc Star. Plan your electrification journey efficiently with EV Suitability Assessments and coach drivers for fuel efficiency. Monitor fuel consumption and promote eco-friendly driving behaviors for a sustainable fleet.

  • Monitor fuel use
  • Fleet management for EVs
  • Energy management
  • Data management
  • Driver monitoring

Vehicle data reports provided by Geoloc Star offer fleet managers comprehensive insights into various aspects of fleet operations. These reports delve into crucial metrics such as fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and other relevant parameters. By leveraging this data, fleet managers can gain a deep understanding of how their fleet is performing on a day-to-day basis.


Prioritize fleet safety with Geoloc Star's solutions. Monitor key metrics, decrease collision rates, and understand driver habits with safety dashboard reports and custom alerts. Provide in-vehicle coaching and implement dash cams for seamless collision analysis and driver training.


Maximize fleet productivity with Geoloc Star's solutions. Improve driver behavior, track assets, optimize routing, and gain valuable insights through custom reporting tools. Drive your business forward with Geoloc Star's comprehensive fleet management platform.


Break barriers and expand your business with Geoloc Star's open fleet management platform. Extend functionality through software integration with Geoloc Star's Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling process simplification or automation. Seamlessly integrate third-party hardware solutions from the Geoloc Star Marketplace to meet your business objectives.

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